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Stellarium 0.18.3

Beitrag von PeterK »

Hallo Sternenfreunde,

danke dass das Forum wieder funktioniert.
Bei Stellarium gibtes es wieder ein Update:

The major changes of this version:
•Improvements and fixes for AstroCalc tool
•Added new sky cultures
•Added many DSO textures
•Refactoring the GUI
•Many improvements in the code A huge thanks to the people who helped us a lot by reporting bugs!

Full list of changes:
•Added names of potential interesting asteroids according to Wikipedia
•Added change saturation of Milky Way when eyepiece simulation is enabled
•Added precisions to saturation shader (GH: #261)
•Added Northern Andes skyculture (GH: #267)
•Added Western (Sky & Telescope) skyculture (GH: #562)
•Added tool for checking updates of planetarium
•Added the support of kinetic scrolling for lists and long texts for all operating systems (disabled by default)
•Added support angular size filter for AstroCalc/WUT tool (if applicable)
•Added satellite color & description handling (GH: #350, #380)
•Added new graph into AstroCalc/Graphs tool
•Added airmass info to infostring and infomap (GH: #157)
•Added workaround for a spherical mirror mode bug (GH: #252)
•Added angular separation filter for double stars in AstroCalc/WUT tool
•Added highlights support (see Bookmarks tool; GH: #272)
•Added Chinese translation for landscape description (GH: #493)
•Added tooltip for ‘Prism/CCD distance (mm)’ option
•Added a SphericalCap to close off Spherical Landscapes
•Added Chinese translation for skycultures (GH: #503)
•Added tool for reaload the DSO background images (shortcut: Ctrl+I)
•Added tool for reloading the current sky culture (shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+I)
•Added pack of DSO textures
•Added timezone loading for landscapes
•Added Nereid texture
•Added new method core.selectConstellationByName() to avoid possible wrong selection when few objects has same name (enforcement selection of constellation; GH: #490)
•Added alphabetical sorting the list of surveys (GH: #506)
•Added Chinese Contemporary Skyculture (GH: #508)
•Added 2 new tweakable buttons for asterisms
•Added 4 new tweakable buttons for GUI
•Added Interstellar Object type and elements of 1I/Oumuamua
•Added new nomenclature for Mercury
•Added Chinese translation for skycultures (GH: #540)
•Added display of the antisolar point (GH: #536)
•Added a good default list of instruments into Oculars plugin (GH: #409)
•Added kinetic scrolling to switch on the fly (GH: #519)
•Added option to select font and size (GH: #424)
•Added workaround for grouped onscreen Information of selected object issue (GH: #523)
•Added a tour of the Solar System planets
•Added phase angle info for the artificial satellites
•Added new MIME type for Stellarium scripts (for UNIX/Linux systems)
•Added wrapper for Stellarium’s website
•Added support XLSX files (GH: #555)
•Added visual style for headers of columns in XLSX files
•Added option to sort results in AstroCalc/WUT tool (GH: #521, #560)
•Added visual style for headers of columns in XLSX files
•Added support double clicks on the sky (selecting + centering objects)
•Added scripting function to allow targetting Galactic coordinates
•Fixed small issue with untranslatable items of drop-down list of HiPS surveys
•Fixed saving telescope settings on Mac OS X (GH: #254)
•Fixed the terms in columns in AstroCalc/Phenomena tool
•Fixed switching of locale for dates on graphs in AstroCalc tool when language is changed
•Fixed bug when downloading extra stars catalogues (GH: #260)
•Fixed saving value of option “Scale image circle” in Oculars plugin (GH: #264)
•Fixed resetting results when clear button is pressed in Satellites plugin (GH: #265)
•Fixed annoying warning in Search Tool
•Fixed missing config option for rise, set and transit times in GUI
•Fixed possible crash in AstroCalc/PC tool
•Fixed adding unnamed stars into bookmarks
•Fixed fragment shader for planets
•Fixed uninitialized vars in HelpDialog (Coverity issue)
•Fixed documentation for for StelObject::getInfoMap()
•Fixed spheric mirror support on retina displays (GH: #390)
•Fixed link to the Stellarium User Guide
•Fixed link to Hawaiian Star Compass Landscape in Hawaiian Starlines (GH: #384)
•Fixed the performance for AstroCalc tool (GH: #379)
•Fixed lunar eclipse visualization (GH: #274)
•Fixed bookmarking for the unnamed stars
•Fixed Chinese sky culture (GH: #489)
•Fixed a bug for Chinese skyulture. (GH: #504)
•Fixed storing the view direction/FoV separately from other settings (GH: #309)
•Fixed typo in stellarium.desktop (GH: #507)
•Fixed typo in property setting (Cardinal direction color)
•Fixed storing of mount mode (conflict in Oculars plugin; GH: #505)
•Fixed the orientation of M58 texture (GH: #514)
•Fixed PNG warnings
•Fixed bad airmass infostring (GH: #525).
•Fixed button state
•Fixed the text overlap issue in Observability plugin (GH: #517)
•Fixed the placement issue of the cross in Pointer Coordinates (GH: #516)
•Fixed border handling for a DeltaT formula
•Fixed build with –as-needed (GH: #545)
•Fixed updating Satellites at startup (GH: #542)
•Fixed separation value for AstroCalc/Phenomena tool for oppositions
•Fixed opening XLSX files in the modern Microsoft Office
•Fixed black screen shot in night mode (GH: #534)
•Fixed TeX style for scripts (GH: #570)
•Updated GUI of AstroCalc tool (AstroCalc/AltVsTime, AstroCalc/ME and AstroCalc/Graphs tools has been merged into AstroCalc/Graphs)
•Updated GUI of AstroCalc tool (visual style has been updated)
•Updated GUI behaviour: let’s hide angular limits for AstroCalc/WUT when the limits are not applicable
•Updated GUI behaviour: split GUI font size from screen font size
•Updated GUI behaviour: move color buttons to the left of labels
•Updated visual style of diagram in Exoplanets plugin
•Updated code of Satellites plugin
•Updated names of DSO
•Updated textures of DSO
•Updated textures of moons
•Updated nomenclature
•Updated documents
•Updated Oculars plugin: immediate update of display when changing instrument details in GUI.
•Updated Oculars plugin: separate font scaling for the Oculars GUI panel.
•Updated Oculars plugin: storing of current instrument (telescope/ocular/CCD/lens) indices
•Updated RemoteControl plugin: change return types in JSON object info from string-only to native.
•Updated getInfoString code: separate getMagnitudeInfoString to avoid code repetition.
•Updated tooltips and labels for AstroCalc/WUT tool
•Updated default select priority for custom objects and markers (GH: #501)
•Updated behaviour: the select priority of custom objects and markers now configurable and scriptable
•Updated behaviour: improved timezone handling, allows scriptable setting (GH: #497)
•Updated default catalog of exoplanets
•Updated default catalog of pulsars
•Updated ArchaeoLines plugin (code refactoring)
•Updated color setting (code refactoring)
•Updated behaviour of lists in the AstroCalc/Graphs/Graphs tool (GH: #520)
•Updated tool for create the exoplanets catalog
•Updated script ‘Constellations tour’ and added small patch to avoid possible crash, when sky culture is changed (GH: #572)
•Obsolete code in core has been removed
•Removed outdated link (GH: #526)
•Removed doubled parenting code in GUI classes

LG+CS und gutes neues Jahr

Black Diamond 80/600, 8" GSO Dobson
Canon 1000D, HEQ5-PRO

Schwerkraft nein Danke !